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       This collection, entitled: “Ruins of War”, is not an exhibit for which I can find many venues or opportunities to present.  Some traditionally painted on canvas, most - like my series

"Still Smoldering: Reflections of 9/11" - render atrocities as collages.  Text fragments I use are ripped directly from articles in century-old newspapers and magazines, articles on combat, casualties, civilian and military involvements. In chronicling the brutality of current events, I ask myself: how can we be moving backwards with such speed and unchecked velocity?

       Throughout history, art has transported and resuscitated spirits and souls, has served as far better weaponry to yield than unmitigated hostility.  I use it as a language of personal restoration: I don’t know how else to process my fury, anguish and grief at unfathomable societal behavior; the ongoing pandemic of cruel politics and global injustices.

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